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Baddie lash is a fluffy volume lash, perfect for a bold glam or Smokey eye look on your next night out for a long lasting dramatic glam . 


  • Round shape
  • Reusable for up to 20x wears with proper care.
  • Maximum volume
  • High quality Mink (Cruelty Free) Healthy Hair that falls naturally from Mink.
  • Best for round & Large eyes
  • Phorograph well on Camera.


Lashes are all hand made with a flexible & soft band , making them light & wearable all day . With extra care, our lashes can be used up to 20x.


After the makeup and lash glue has been taken off, soak a new cotton ball or pad in rubbing alcohol and run it over the lashes and adhesive strip to disinfect it. Let them air-dry. While the lashes are wet, reshape them to keep fresh as new!